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Branding for startups

So, you’ve took the plunge. Starting your own business can be a very scary, very exciting concept, especially whilst it’s in its infancy. But how do you go from an unknown bedroom brand to a household name. It all begins with how you brand your product.  Saad Raja discusses the fundamental stages of branding your startup:

Assign a name, an identity to your brand:

The first step in setting up a brand is choosing a catchy name that aligns with the nature of your business. The name of your brand must stick with the customer long after their first encounter with it, so what’s it going to be?..

Design an attractive logo:

This will most likely be the first visual interaction the customer has with your brand. A logo is a visual that represents the theme of your business. The graphics must be attractive enough to grab the attention of any person, enforcing him to know more about your brand. Your logo must impart the actual image of your brand’s services.

Write an effective marketing plan:

The channels you will utilise to market your brand, and the customer you target will profoundly affect your brand development. Marketing is the backbone of every brand. Utilise all means of digital marketing with the primary focus on social media marketing. Check out my previous article on how to write an effective marketing plan here.

Use attractive visuals:

It is said, “A picture worth a thousand words.” The graphics you utilize must be eye-catching and must engage the mind of the customer. The images you use must be spectacular and communicate the message of your brand.

Communicate your brand effectively

The way you present your brand will leave the first impression. How you present your brand in the press release, on all platforms of electronic media will pave the way to how efficiently your brand appears in the limelight. Your pitch should be professionally crafted and make sure the marketing platforms of all digital media communicate your story. Remember! You never get a second chance to make your first impression.

 – Saad Raja 

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