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Saad Raja on Producing Mobile-Friendly Content

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Most web traffic now comes from mobile devices, according to digital market intelligence and website traffic tool, SimilarWeb. Based on 77 billion website views, 55.79% of traffic comes from mobiles, while desktops are at 44.21%. With these results, it could be time to re-evaluate how ‘mobile-friendly’ your site is to make sure your customer needs […]

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Saad Raja on Open Plan Workspaces

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Company workspaces are important and they often trigger plenty of debate. In recent years, the open plan offices are a growing trend and they’re now the most popular style of workspace. Depending on who you ask, open plan is either a beneficial environment for communication and co-operation or a failing set-up that reduces concentration and […]

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Saad Raja on The Best Books for Business Strategy

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  To gain an edge over your competitors, it is vital to understand your craft and learn innovative approaches to business. Researching your field or sector and audiences provides a solid base from which to create a well-structured and thoroughly planned business strategy for implementation. Gaining new strategic insights and tactics are also important in […]

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The 7 P’s of marketing

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We’ve all heard of the 4P’s of marketing, but what are the 7? Stability in the evolution of services and products is vital for fruitful marketing. Marketing is the backbone of every business, and the dynamic needs of market emphasise on adapting to an ever-evolving approach. A marketing mix is a set of tools employed […]